Barbeque Hot Kippered Beef Jerky 4 oz package

Oregon Trail


Love hot and spicy barbeque ribs? Try our Barbeque Hot Kippered Beef Jerky. Not only do you get the sweet, tangy POW of KC Masterpiece (TM) sauce with this exceptional jerky, we add just a little red pepper to give you that spicy-barbeque-rib-in-the-backyard flavor.

You'll won't need a bib to eat these succulent, thick strips of real kippered beef steak but you will need a lot of napkins to clean up your sticky fingers afterwards! This is a unique jerky that you won't find just anywhere. Oregon Trails Barbeque Hot Kippered Beef Jerky is truly one of a kind. Just try it - you'll be hooked!

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** All our Oregon Trail beef jerky flavors are NITRATE FREE,NITRITE FREE and have NO ADDED MSG. **

Experience jerky the way it was meant to be . . . Oregon Trail: Jerky worth crossing the trail for.


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