Barbeque Kippered Beef Jerky 4 oz package

Oregon Trail


If you're a barbeque fan and love the sweet, tangy POW of KC Masterpiece (TM) sauce then we've got the jerky for you!

You'll LOVE our Barbeque kippered beef jerky . . . We start with thick, kippered steak strips marinated in a special blend of KC Masterpiece BBQ sauce along with a special blend of the finest seasonings. The result? That BBQ baby back rib in the back yard flavor. Hey, there's no bib needed but y our fingers will get good and sticky!

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** All our Oregon Trail beef jerky flavors are NITRATE FREE,NITRITE FREE and have NO ADDED MSG. **

Experience jerky the way it was meant to be . . . Oregon Trail: Jerky worth crossing the trail for.


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