Habanero Hot Kippered Beef Jerky 4 oz package

Oregon Trail


Our Habanero Hot Kippered Beef Jerky has been hand crafted for the habanero lovers of the world. This jerky is our "hottest of hot" and isn't for the faint of heart!

Kippered steak strips are marinated in the perfect blend of peppers, with just the right amount of habanaro added. Experience the burn! This hot food lover's jerky promises to challenge the most devoted habanero fans. Habanero Hot is a wonderful companion to cool, creamy smoky cheeses and crisp crackers or veggies.

Questions: email info@simplythebestfoods.com

** All our Oregon Trail beef jerky flavors are NITRATE FREE,NITRITE FREE and have NO ADDED MSG. **

Experience jerky the way it was meant to be . . . Oregon Trail: Jerky worth crossing the trail for.


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