Hickory Hot Kippered Beef Jerky 4 oz package

Oregon Trail


Love the smell of hickory smoke from the barbeque? A fan of that distinctly mellow hickory flavor? Then look no further - our Hickory Hot jerky is second to none when it comes to traditional hickory flavor.

Kippered thick steak strips are the foundation of this jerky with a soft, flavorful chew. These generous strips are individually cut and cooked in a hickory wood smoke mixed with just the right amount of hot red peppers to give it a KICK of spiciness. The result? A subtly hickory smoke essence with a hit of heat.

This is a great flavor choice for someone who likes things simple and traditional, a bit "old school" with classic flavors. Definitely not a flavor experience to pass by!

Questions: email info@simplythebestfoods.com

** All our Oregon Trail beef jerky flavors are NITRATE FREE,NITRITE FREE and have NO ADDED MSG. **

Experience jerky the way it was meant to be . . . Oregon Trail: Jerky worth crossing the trail for.


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