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Welcome to Simply the Best Foods.

We're all about simple, healthy snack foods. Today's lifestyle demands healthy food on the go. High in flavor, high in protein and a great value for the price.

We are David and Sylvia Taylor, passionate foodies and aficionados of healthy snacks. A few years ago we found that our on-the-go lifestyle and health concerns were at odds with one another. Healthy snack options in convenience stores were slim to none. So we set out to build our own collection of good for you and good to eat options.

Oregon Trail beef jerky was one of the first items we came across during a recent trip to Texas. We were wow'ed by the flavor and pleasantly surprised by the lack of additives and chemicals. Finally! A healthy beef snack product that tasted great too!

It wasn't long before we were signed up as the first re-seller of Oregon Trail products on the East coast.

We began selling at a few local street fairs and carnivals in June of 2016 - and the reviews were great! Since then we've worked hard to launch our online store and expand our list of upcoming events. Today we run the shop together. David is on the frontline in sales and at the shows, and I handle the marketing and administrative functions.

Look for more info on our upcoming events soon! As well as social media information and additional healthy and savory snack food products.

Until then, don't forget to try our entire line of Oregon Trail Products: Jerky worth crossing the trail for.

Contact us:

David - phone or text: 240.357.6871

Sylvia - phone or text: 240-357-8001

email: info@simplythebestfoods.com OR david@simplythebestfoods.com